Why choose Vascobelo?


At Vascobelo, our mission is to build a community of consuming and visiting brand fans by providing the optimum Vacobelo experience across all points of sale. Our vision is to put Vascobelo on the world map as a premium lifestyle brand that is rooted in high-end Belgian coffee, equalling our international references such as chocolate, beer, fashion, and diamonds. Vascobelo prides itself of selling the highest-quality possible. Partnering with Vascobelo means that you will undoubtedly offer a unique and award-winning experience to your customers. We look for solid and experienced partners to help bring our vision alive.








The Vascobelo concept


Vascobelo stands for premium Belgian coffee with its head office located in Antwerp, home to the world’s largest coffee stocks. Rooted in coffee, Vascobelo believes the overall customer experience exists out of much more elements than coffee itself. It is about creating a lifestyle that other people could aspire to and easily achieve. Led by our philosophy ‘where friends meet', we successfully established 30 Vascobelo locations since 2015. Through its Café-Brasserie, Vascobelo invites customers to sit back, relax and enjoy what life is all about, at the rhythm of jazzy notes.


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What we deliver


Vascobelo is a brand built on strong moral and family values. This means that once you become a Vascobelo franchisee, you become part of the Vascobelo family. To ensure that your success continues to grow over the life of our partnership together, we’re committed to providing you with the expert advice, resources and support. These include high-quality training, positive environmental impact, professional support and advice, and much more.


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Who we are looking for?


Due to our remarkable growth and our fantastic team in place, we will further invest in new product development, further deepen our markets, broaden our offering and ultimately open new locations. 

As a fast-growing company, we are looking for experienced partners within the foodservice industry who hold a proven track record and who, like us, want to give their guests only the best experience, high-quality service, commercial opportunities, and perhaps, expand our brand internationally. Are you interested in embarking on such a journey?




We are excited to share our story with you and want to start by finding out more about you, your goals and interest in Vascobelo. Fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly. Or contact us via experience@vascobelo.com.