Vascobelo is a family company through and through, and this means that by becoming our franchise partner, you join the Vascobelo family.  And family is highly valued, so of course, we want to set you and your newly required franchise up for success. We are intensely passionate about what we do and believe that we can pass on this excitement to our guests. Everything we do and offer creates this excitement; therefore, many benefits are tied to partnering with us.


As a fast-growing hospitality company, we understand everything it takes to create a positive experience for our guests. Learning is one of the most important things to keep providing your customers high value and the best quality. Therefore, we are excited to pass on our expertise through specialized hospitality training. All our training is provided by the Vascobelo Academy, a team of experts who have created a technical onboarding program to set you up for success from the first moment. This onboarding program teaches you all the ins and outs of the company, assures you coffee mastery, teaches vital kitchen skills and helps you in your day-to-day hospitality role.
Besides our onboarding, the Vascobelo Academy offers a variety of on- and offline training courses to continually learn and develop within the hospitality field. So whether you want to establish yourself as a barista further, improve your kitchen skills or gain experience in sales, you are in the right place.


The Vascobelo Knowledge Library is our holy grail. It is where one can find all there is to know about Vascobelo, our products and procedures. After partnering up with us, full access is granted, and everything there is to know, from how to prepare our dishes to brewing the perfect espresso, is at the ready where and whenever you need it.


As a fast-growing and developing company, having access to all our statistics at any given place and time is critical. This is where the Vascobelo Dashboard comes in. The Vascobelo Dashboard is an overview tool, which depicts all our KPI's, statistical figures and overviews for every location. Here one keeps track of the daily or hourly revenue, the cost of goods sold, our Net Promotor Score, and so much more. We believe these numbers give us valuable insights, teach us where we can improve, and the best way forward.


At Vascobelo, we value quality, and this quality must be equal at all our locations. We develop many recipes ourselves, which are then produced on a large scale by our leading supplier Hanos. This retailer can provide your franchise with everything you need to run your Vascobelo, and all order lists are already fully established!


Sustainability procedures do not separate us from the competition. Every company should carry out these policies, and therefore they are not the creator's competitive advantage. Simultaneously, it is something we feel very passionate about within our company, and therefore it is crucial to mention our key focus points: People, Planet, Product, and Partnership. (link to our page with more info)
With every consumption, we want to offer our customers value, which includes sustainability.  Creating our strategic initiative, 'Vascobelo Happy Future'. To keep growing, we need to invest in everyone's future, little steps at a time. We reduce our plastic usage to a minimum, work with fair-trade and ISO certified coffee traders and use mainly electric vehicles. 
Let's build a Happy Future together!

 Vascobelo's central belief is that happiness is created through people and bringing people together. Our bars and V-points are like a living room, where one can continuously come back to seek the comfort of a warm cup of coffee and spend time with loved ones. It is an affordable luxury, which still creates that home feeling while enjoying the best products worldwide. 
We believe that partnerships are no different; we want to bring us together and create more unique locations all around the globe. As part of the family, you will always receive our professional support and advice. This way, we can create just that special connection that adds value to our customers' experience. It all starts with caring.