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This house has become the inspiration for the brand Vascobelo and is also where the artist Isabel Miquel Arques has her Fine Art Photography atelier. The home is a blend of history, art, beauty, style, perfect imperfection and functional poetry.

We offer a beautiful, two-bedroom apartment as part of a majestic house just outside Antwerp's historical city centre. Ten minutes away from Antwerp's best bars and restaurants. The house was built by Duke and Duchess Le Grelle over 100 years ago.

The apartment is on the third floor, via stairs. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen with Vascobelo Coffee and Tea provided. There is a big private terrace where you can eat and relax when the weather permits. A bathroom with a shower and a dining area.

This bed & breakfast has space for four guests. It has two bedrooms, four beds and one bathroom. 

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