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Vascobelo has the best coffee. Our Café-Brasseries score the highest on customer satisfaction. Everything we do is to exceed expectations. Online we strive to do the same. www.vascobelo.com is the place to order all of the Vascobelo products and services. Our award-winning coffee and our newest “dream” wine collection, superior Belgium chocolate, and exclusive interior items. Also, subscriptions for coffee and wine, or every week a wonderful Vascobelo breakfast box at home. Our website is also perfect: reserve a table, order takeaway or delivery at 27 of our Café-Brasseries in the Netherlands, Germany, or Spain.


We are looking for an all-round employee for our locations in Amsterdam. Together with your manager, you will make your Café-Brasserie a success. You are an inspiration for your team and guests, you have an affinity with www.vascobelo.com and will motivate everyone to join the Vascobelo lifestyle. All in all, you are part of our road towards a sustainable lifestyle brand, both online and offline.


Do you want to become part of the Vascobelo Family? Do not hesitate to show interest by filling out the form on the right. We love to welcome you soon.