Le Comte Beans 1 kg

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This coffee blend is a variant of our ‘Le Roi’. It is a medium roast composed of two coffee types, namely 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. Very characteristic and full of flavour. The Robusta provides its slightly spicy finish. Perfect for your morning lungo.

The rare Robusta from Sierra Leone that we chose for our ‘Le Comte’ has a more elegant and sophisticated flavour, contrary to the common Robusta that is typically known as a bit harsh and often bitter.

‘Le Comte’ knows a smooth and clean taste from the premium Arabica beans. Robusta beans produce a stronger, full-bodied coffee. When used in small quantities, their powerful flavour can be desirable to give a blend more depth and strength, similar to a dash of black pepper on a fine tenderloin steak. 

  • Country of origin: Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java, Rwanda and Sierra
  • Coffee Farm: Various, all Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Variety: Different varieties, 90% Arabica, 10% Robusta
  • Height of cultivation: 700 meters and higher
  • Process: Wet preparation
  • Roasting: Medium/light
  • Body: Full-bodied, lightly spiced
  • Acidity: Low
  • Coffee moment: In the morning