Morning Light

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Vascobelo Morning light will take you on a sensory journey of sunny climes all year round. Specially formulated with a unique botanical taste, this excellent green tea is both refreshing and soothing, as well as a great palate awakener. Lifted by the freshness of mango, it will reveal a grassy flavour with minimal bitterness. Perfectly balanced, the green tea and the mango enhance one another to deliver a cup full of sunshine—light, fragrant and robust all at once. The blend has also been accentuated with delicate cornflower, rose and sunflower petals. We believe it is one of the best green teas you’ve ever had. Vascobelo Morning light will lift your mood and warm your soul.


Learn how to brew your tea

For centuries, green tea has been known as the healthiest beverage for your body, mind and soul. Our morning light tea starts with vegetal and herbaceous notes before becoming sweet due to the fruits it has been infused with. The floral flavors added to the tea blend make it a great option for a morning drink, to give you a good energy boost while helping your immune system to wake up. A pure exaltation!

Origin: Green tea from China
Ingredients: green tea, mango flavoring, Lulo flavoring, cornflower petals, red rose petals, sunflower petals, natural Bergamot flavoring with other natural flavorings
Brewing instructions: Put 2 grams of tea in a tea sleeve or filter, pour it with 200ml of hot water (95ºC) and let it brew for 3-4 minutes.

Store in a cool, dry place