Introduction La Collection de Rêve

6 bottles

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Over 25 years experience

This introduction package contains six bottles of La Collection de Rêve.


Father De Roeck and the whole family have been coming together for almost 50 summers in the south of France. Where, together with other French friends and families, they have enjoyed the pure beauty of the landscape, friendship, the sun, fresh fruit, warm light and good wine. Vascobelo Wine celebrates this close connection between people from different backgrounds.


We consider this as the ultimate dream - celebrating the simple things in life combined with an atmosphere allowing us to tell our stories quietly but clearly to the ones at our wooden table. We like to call it refined pleasure, good food and drinks that tell a story. They have been made to savour slowly and bring parts of the world together like that on the table.


Explore this ultimate dream now with our introduction package. 

Le Rêve du Baron: This wine has a brilliant clear pale yellow colour with green highlights. It starts out powerful on the nose, going on to reveal delicate aromas of white fruit, pear and citrus.


Le Rêve de la Comtesse: This wine has a brilliant, pale salmon-pink colour with silver highlights. The nose starts out discreet, requiring aeration to fully unveil its aromas. Swirling in the glass reveals pleasant notes of white fruit and vineyard peaches, accompanied by delicate floral overtones.


Le Rêve du Comte: This wine is a lovely, deep, almost garnet-red colour. The bouquet is pleasant with hints of fresh blackcurrant, flowers (wilted rose, violet), as well as red-berry fruit, such as strawberries, and a slight minty aroma.