Introduction La Collection Red

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This introduction package contains six bottles of the white wines of our newest Wine Collections, La Collection du Rhône and La Collection de Rêve.

Le Rêve du Comte: This wine is a lovely, deep, almost garnet-red colour. The bouquet is pleasant with hints of fresh blackcurrant, flowers (wilted rose, violet), as well as red-berry fruit, such as strawberries, and a slight minty aroma.


Le Rêve du Prince: Refined power and structure combined with the spicy richness and an elegant taste of small-berry fruits. Well-balanced drinkable, a genuine good companion. This is what the prince's red wine dream stands for.


Le Rêve du Roi: The king's dream of a perfect red wine is rich, full-bodied and leathery, characterized by flavours of dark fruit and spice, coloured intense ruby robe with a long warm finish. Reflections of dark purple, giving this wine its royal appearance.