Le Rêve de L'empereur

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Nothing that invites you to a celebration more than the sound of a cork popping out does. Like an explosion of joy, sparkling wine makes you feel happy and memorable wherever you are and whoever you live the moment with. Celebrate life together alongside your beloved ones with Le Rêve de l’Empereur.

Our latest addition to our wine collection is an entire parcel from the André Lurton Vineyards, created especially for Vascobelo. The wine itself is a sheer pleasure: a blanc de noirs, made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, chosen for its blackcurrant, raspberry and white cherry aromas. Produced using the traditional method, Le Rêve de l’Empereur is a realm of fine bubbles. Rare and festive. Extra Brut is remarkably refreshing and displays intense and aromatic notes.

The beauty of sparkling wine is that it pairs beautifully with various foods. Still, one of the best food matches is deep-fried seafood, such as battered cod or calamari, which create a surprisingly strong pairing. Besides, extra brut create an outstanding balance to heavy or salty meals, adding this touch of acidity we like so much. And of course, any aperitif, meal start should start with Le Rêve de l’Empereur!

Name: Le Rêve de L'Empereur

Year: 2020

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol: 13% VOL.