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Vascobelo Pencil

Our compostable V-cups are the perfect gift for your beloved ones. We have 5 distinct blends with all their own signature flavours. Besides, they are compatible with Nespresso® machines.


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Le Roi 

A single origin from a precious coffee farm located in Ethiopia. This coffee shows notes of deep stewed fruits, citrus and dark chocolate.

Le Comte

A dark roasted blend from Costa Rica, Indonesia and Guatemala. It is an excellent equivalent of our Le Roi with subtle notes of dark chocolate.

La Reine

A single origin from Virunga park, located in Congo. It shows delicate floral tones combined with stewed fruits and bright acidity.


For our Decaf V-cups we have selected high quality Guatemala SHB coffee which has a versatile aroma with sweet notes. These are premium 100% Arabica beans which grow at approximately 1500 meter.


A dark roast with sweet and robust flavors. Notes of dark chocolate create a powerful body with a pleasant level of bitterness.

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