Glass Everest 23.7 cl

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Maintain your standards high and give your guests a gourmet experience with the Vascobelo glassware collection. Made from quality glass in a classic and timeless shape, they will sit well in countless locations, from meeting rooms to bars, café, and restaurants, or even for everyday use at home. 

The Vascobelo glasses will bring your beverage another level of sophistication. With its simple elegance yet timeless design, you will provide your guests with an iconic vintage glass that will for sure stand out in a crowd. Feating the Vascobelo bowler hat logo that your guests will surely recognise and appreciate, they bring an additional modern touch to your drink presentation. Very attractive and functional too, these glasses are made from high-quality glass and will preserve the chilled temperature of the drink served. With clarity and brilliance, it is perfect to showcase your beverage and keep the sparkle. Suitable for any environment that seeks durability and style. 

These glasses are also dishwasher safe, saving you valuable time, especially during busy shifts. 

Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Additional information:
- Dishwasher safe
- Stackable
- Ideal for commercial and domestic use