Franchise - Partner

If Vascobelo is obviously rooted in coffee, we are not only selling a beverage but a whole life behind it. Today, we are evolving from a coffee brand to a more sustainable lifestyle brand. We aim to inspire, guide, and motivate people. We are dedicated to offering customers an everyday luxury that can be enjoyed from both the comfort of their homes and specific locations. We are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious people who, like us, want to give their guests only the best experience, high-quality service and commercial opportunities, and ultimately, expand our brand internationally. Ready to take part in this fast-growing journey? 


Vascobelo is above all a family story. That of Father de Roeck, a coffee aficionado like no other who founded his company in Antwerp 30 years ago. Following that ideal, we continuously try to bring people together. Indeed, Vascobelo is positive, warm, genuine. We like personal contact with our customers and we want to be part of their lives' most important moments. While doing so, we faithfully explore, discover and collect the absolute best from our world to share it with them. Therefore, we opened our first Café-Brasserie in 2015 with the intention to offer people a clean and simple world of delicacies, elegance and authenticity, good music, high-quality food and high-quality service, and overall, a place that surely feels like home. 

 By partnering with Vascobelo, you will undeniably offer a unique and award-winning experience to your customers. 




At Vascobelo, we offer our consumers extraordinary products that ensure meaningful consumption and positive environmental impact. As we want to leave the planet a better place for future generations, we have established 'Vascobelo Happy Future', a strategic initiative that contributes to a more sustainable world. 


We understand what hospitality entails through the experience with our Café-Brasseries, and we would love to share our expertise with you. Therfore, we provide on-the-job training and challenge your staff to obtain a Specialty Coffee Association certification (SCA). The barista training is provided by an instructor at the Vascobelo Barista Academy. 


At Vascobelo, we are committed to continuously bringing people together. Accordingly, we successfully brought Vascobelo into the event and restaurant business. Today, we are proud to hold more than 28 locations, in the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and many more around the globe, to offer people as many opportunities to gather as possible. Indeed, we welcome our guests at our locations, encourage them to sit together, share ideas, reminisce old memories but also create new ones. Treating our customers as if they were our friends is thus one of our most important values. We greet them, we thank them, and we ask how we can help them. We believe it is the memory that creates that special connection between you and your customers. In the end, our customers don’t necessarily want to be associated with coffee; they want to be a Vascobelo woman or a Vascobelo man. 



Today, we are proud of how much Vascobelo has grown. We believe this is mainly due to a strong look and feel, and a consistent way of presenting ourselves, both in terms of story and quality. And we continually look for ways to expand our family.


We look forward to hearing from you. Send your contact details to:  experience@vascobelo.com.