In your building

Vascobelo adds value to your building.

At Vascobelo, a community is created with a warm atmosphere, offering quality service and taking the hassle out of building owners. We offer Vascobelo branded coffee points with our high-quality baristi including healthy grab & go, food & drinks.

Belgian roots

The De Roeck family founded the Vascobelo brand 27 years ago, and since then, Vascobelo has specialised in the highest quality coffee. We offer excellent service in a vintage interior with a modern twist that exudes craftsmanship and elegance.

We stand for honesty and positivity. We should always believe in ourselves and fairly motivate others. Be honourable and genuine. Start every day with a smile and appreciate all little joyful moments.

Brasserie & community service

If you choose Vascobelo, a Vascobelo bar will be built in your building. Hospitality and convenience will be central. We serve the tenants and their guests, our award-winning Vascobelo Le Roi coffee.

Our coffee, combined with high-quality food and courteous service, provides the perfect blend. A blend that creates a connection between tenants, acting as a basis for building a community. A community in which every tenant gets to participate.

Front office & hospitality service

At Vascobelo, we want to provide the best possible service to the property owner, tenants, and guests. From entry to exit, Vascobelo ensures that every working day is a success. Our colleagues will make the acquaintance, have a chat, show the way, bring a drink, provide lunch or come up with a quick solution for a practical problem. With our years of experience and a team of enthusiastic people, Vascobelo delivers the best possible service.

Services include

  • Receiving guests, tenants and suppliers
  • Car park management
  • Post and parcel service
  • Combination with barista
  • Direct cooperation and support property manager

Meeting room management

Besides front office and hospitality services, Vascobelo also manages the meeting rooms within office buildings. Vascobelo takes care of every aspect. Managing bookings, light cleaning and exclusive visibility on our new E-Commerce platform. An extensive breakfast, luxurious lunch, a Burgundian dinner or a cosy drink at the end of your meeting are all part of the possibilities.