Privacy policy

Version 2021.1

Vascobelo processes your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (from now on referred to as 'GDPR'). Below, we clarify which data we collect, use, process and protect and why we collect, use and process this data.

I.          What data does Vascobelo collect?

Personal data is known as data that can be traced back to an identified or identifiable natural person. We collect the following data:

- Name and address;

- E-mail address and telephone number;

- Payment details, only if you place an order or make a reservation with us;

- A copy or details of an identity document. If you provide a copy of the identity document, we will ensure that the copy is securely stored and that both the BSN number and the photograph are anonymised. These data will not be kept;[VVN1] 

- Any (contact) details provided by you if you apply for a job with us;

 Security cameras are installed at all Vascobelo locations. These camera images are only used for security purposes.


I.          Why does Vascobelo collect your data?

Vascobelo collects the above data for the following purposes:

 To enter into an agreement

To enter into an agreement with you, we need the information listed at I. above. For example, to be able to deliver an order to your home. Besides, in some cases, we have to investigate whether we can accept a reservation you have made. Or, for example, to determine whether you are authorised to represent the company which you have specified. To provide security, we may also ask for a copy of an identity document when agreeing. Besides, we need payment details to charge you or the company you have provided for any costs incurred as a result of the orders and/or reservations.

 To serve you well

If you place an order and/or make a reservation, we want to give you the best service by providing you with as complete as possible information. To inform you about all relevant information, we need your contact details such as e-mail address and telephone number. Besides, we may display your name on any meeting rooms or workstations you have booked. The presence of our security cameras ensures a safe working environment.

 For promotion and marketing purposes

In several cases, your information will also be used for promotion and marketing purposes. For example, to inform you about new products, new possibilities or other matters that may be of interest to you. Besides, we may use your data to better respond to your wishes and, for example, make personalised offers. If you do not want your personal data to be used for promotional and marketing purposes, it is always possible to unsubscribe.

 Legal obligation

We are bound by legal obligations. If we need personal information about you, on the basis of any legal obligation, we will use this information for that purpose. For example, we can provide information about you to government institutions, such as a regulator within or outside The Netherlands.

 Job application

If you have applied for a job, we will use the data you provide to assess whether you are qualified to be the new colleague we are looking for.

III.        How long do we keep the collected data?

Your personal data will, of course, be stored carefully, and we will not keep these data any longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. Laws and regulations may, however, oblige us to safe specific data for longer. Data provided in the context of a job application will, in essence, not be kept for longer than four weeks after the end of the application procedure, unless the application results in employment. Personal data provided in the context of an employment contract will be saved for a maximum of two years after the end of the employment contract. Camera footage is only kept for a maximum of four weeks unless an incident is recorded on this footage.


IV.        With whom do we share personal data?

In essence, Vascobelo does not share your personal data with third parties. However, it may be necessary for us to provide personal data to contractors, suppliers or third parties to execute the agreement, maintenance or other services. It may also be required that data is visible for third parties, such as our ICT suppliers. We conclude a processing agreement with companies that process data on our behalf to ensure that they treat your data with the same care as we do.


V.         How do we protect your personal data?

Vascobelo protects your personal data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes. If you are under the impression that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, please send an e-mail to info@vascobelo.be as soon as possible. 


VI.        What rights do you have concerning your personal data?

According to the GDPR, you have several rights relating to the data we collect. You may at all times access, correct or delete the personal data registered by Vascobelo, unless we are legally obliged to retain specific data. If you would like to review, correct or delete your personal data, please send an e-mail with your request to info@vascobelo.be. To make sure that you are making the request, we ask you to send a copy of your proof of identity with the request. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible and in any event within four weeks.

 In addition to the above stated rights, you can also object to or request a restriction in processing your data. You can always withdraw any permissons you have given us to use specific data. Furthermore, you have the right of data portability; you can then request us to transfer your data to another party.

 If you have any questions or comments about processing your data, please send an e-mail to info@vascobelo.be. If you have a complaint, which we cannot solve, you can complain with the Dutch Data Protection Authority via www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl.


I.          Modifications in this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify the content of this Privacy Policy at any time. In that case, the latest version can be found on our website or in the app.


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