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Vascobelo makes use of cookies on its website. Because we want to ensure your privacy and improve the user-friendliness of your visit(s) to our website, we think it is essential that you know how and why we use cookies. If you accept the use of cookies after seeing the cookie notice on our website or continue to use the website, we assume that you agree with our cookie policy.

I.          What are so-called cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device saves when visiting our website. Cookies allow us to see how you are using the website. Cookies do not harm your computer or mobile device. We may also use cookies for marketing purposes.


II.         What can you do against cookies?

If you do not want (certain) websites to store cookies on your computer or mobile device, there are several ways to prevent this.

- First of all, it is possible to adjust the browser settings of your computer. This way, you can receive a warning before any cookies are placed.

- You can also adjust the browser settings to the extent that the browser refuses all cookies or only the cookies of third parties.

- In addition, it is also possible to delete cookies that have already been placed.

- Finally, it is possible to disable cookies from certain parties at www.youronlinechoices.com.

We want to point out, that we cannot guarantee the optimal functioning of our website when you do not accept our cookies. Specific functions or pages may not be visible or may not work (optimally) if you refuse the use of cookies.

Please note that you need to change the settings for each browser separately. These settings must also be applied to all other devices you may be using. Click on one of the icons below to go directly to the manual of the browser you are using.

  • Chrome
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  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari (Mac)

III.        Which cookies do we use and why?

Functional cookies: Functional cookies ensure that our website functions as well as possible. Your browser settings are saved so that you can view our website, log into your account, save your login details (if desired), place an order or make a reservation, and so that we can identify and resolve any problems with our website as quickly as possible.

 Analytical cookies: Through analytical cookies, we collect statistics about the use of our website. These statistics give us insights into the frequency of visits to our website and what issues may need improvement. This way, we ensure that our website is optimised continuously. We collect:

  • Your IP address;
  • The browser used (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox);
  • The resolution of the computer screen and the device you are using;
  • The page you came to our website from;
  • Then and how long you use our website and whether an order is placed or a reservation is made;
  • Which pages are visited.

Tracking cookies: With your permission, we place a cookie on your devices. This is placed when you visit a website from our network. This enables us to recognise that you have visited other websites in our network in addition to our website. This built-up profile is not linked to your name, e-mail address or other (personal) data, it only serves to match advertisements with your profile, to make them as relevant as possible.

 Social media cookies: In some cases, you can share the content you see on our website on social media, using so-called social media buttons. To make sure that this process operates well, cookies of social media parties are used. This was, you will be recognised when you want to share content. These cookies make it possible to share specific content of our website on social media, for all logged in users.


IV.        Privacy

We process personal data which you have entered on our website. On our website and in our app, you will find a document called "Privacy Policy", which contains more information about collecting, using, processing, and protecting your data.


V.         Amendments Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy's content at our own initiative or if legally required. In that case, the latest version can be found on our website or in the app.


If you have any questions or comments about your data processing, please send your e-mail to info@vascobelo.be.


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