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I.          What are so-called cookies?

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II.         What can you do against cookies?

If you do not want (certain) websites to store cookies on your computer or mobile device, there are several ways to prevent this.

- First of all, it is possible to adjust the browser settings of your computer. This way, you can receive a warning before any cookies are placed.

- You can also adjust the browser settings to the extent that the browser refuses all cookies or only the cookies of third parties.

- In addition, it is also possible to delete cookies that have already been placed.

- Finally, it is possible to disable cookies from certain parties at www.youronlinechoices.com.

We want to point out, that we cannot guarantee the optimal functioning of our website when you do not accept our cookies. Specific functions or pages may not be visible or may not work (optimally) if you refuse the use of cookies.

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