Exciting news! Vascobelo has teamed up with ComfortZone Offices to produce a stunning video showcasing building Five Twenty-Two, where we have one of our many V-points.

This office building has a modern look, located on Rotterdam's east side. Fascinatio Boulevard is very accessible due to the highway and a subway station nearby, and it offers flexible work spots and a meeting room with a pleasant ambience. Vascobelo provides a wide variety of lunches, pastries and both refreshing and hot beverages. The building has an outside terrace where you can enjoy a cup of our best-quality coffee. 

The video will take you on a journey through the building, highlighting its modern working facilities combined with the unique offerings of Vascobelo's V-point.

Many thanks to ConfortZone Offices for the partnership in Fascinatio Boulevard, and RIFF Productions for the excellent video!