You might have noticed something new as you savored our delicious brew: our Nespresso-compatible coffee cups. This is because Vascobelo is transitioning from industry-compostable to home-compostable capsules. Some blends have already switched, with the entire range soon to follow.

Our Evolution: A Step Towards Greater Sustainability

We pride ourselves on continuously striving to offer our consumers and our planet the best. Recognizing that while our industry compostable capsules were a leap in the right direction, we could do even better. Our new home compostable capsules ensure a more convenient and impactful way to discard the cups after enjoying your favorite Vascobelo coffee.

Why Home Compostable?

Direct Impact: Unlike industry compostable capsules that require specialized facilities, our home compostable cups break down right in your backyard compost pile, offering a more direct contribution to the environment.
The Convenience Factor: No more searching for industrial composting facilities. After your coffee moment, add the capsules to your home compost.

 The Benefits

Less Waste, More Taste: Our commitment to quality remains unchanged. Savour the signature Vascobelo flavour while embracing a greener lifestyle.
Joining Nature's Cycle: Your used coffee capsules will transform into nutrient-rich compost, contributing to a flourishing garden or pot plant.
Lowering Carbon Emissions: Cut down on methane emissions that arise from traditional disposal methods and play your part in combating climate change.

Composting Your Vascobelo Coffee Cups: A Simple Guide

  • Sip and Enjoy: Relish the unparalleled Vascobelo coffee experience.
  • Collect Used Cups: Store your capsules in a compostable container or bag.
  • Add to Your Compost: Integrate the capsules with other organic materials like food residues, leaves, and grass in your compost pile or bin.
  • Let Nature Work: Watch as the capsules break down over the weeks, becoming compost to enrich your green spaces.


At Vascobelo, we aren't just brewing exquisite coffee; we're crafting a greener tomorrow, cup by cup!