Vascobelo is obviously rooted in coffee, but we believe the overall customer experience exists out of much more elements than coffee itself. Indeed, we are inspired to making a perfect cup of coffee taste even better. How? By creating a memorable experience. Following that ideal, we opened our very first Café-Brasserie in 2015, because it was the time when Vascobelo was mature enough to be more than a coffee brand but an experience on its own.


The Café-Brasserie is a beautiful and quiet place to relax, have a good time alone or with friends and family and sip our delicious coffee at the rhythm of jazzy notes. But when you come to our locations, you will see that nothing is left to chance.

The interior of our Café-Brasserie is made with brass, leather, oak and marble because we love the fact that natural and timeless materials age beautifully and are sustainable. Elegant but always authentic. It creates a cosy environment, where you inexplicably feel comfortable at. 

In terms of furniture, we use rectangular wooden tables, school chairs and leather armchairs to highlight craftsmanship and artisan quality. But we also use industrial looking items such as bookshelves, lamps, or light bulbs to give a vintage look with a modern twist. Combined, all these elements will undeniably increase your experience as a customer. 


We serve exquisite natural food and drinks, using the world's finest ingredients only. Breakfast, lunch, appetisers and even dinner, there is something for every moment, every taste. To make it short, we like to be associated with artisan food labels, which share the same philosophy as us regarding quality and sustainability. We entrust homemade, fresh and good-looking food with a story to tell. You may think that the items we serve are relatively simple, but once it will go into your mouth, you will understand the difference loving the food you sell makes. This is what differentiates us from any other ordinary Café. 





More than just a coffee bar, the Vasocbelo Café-Brasserie concept makes it possible for a customer to taste, smell, hear and most importantly interact with the brand, and to some extend, fully immerse themselves in the Vascobelo experience. Accordingly, we tried to ensure that whenever you walk into any of our locations, you get exactly the experience you deserve - a clean and simple world of delicacies, elegance and authenticity, good music, and overall, a place that surely feels like home. Indeed, it is an ideal site to share ideas, experiences, have a moment of peace, get to know someone better, recall old memories but also create new ones. It is a place to be. A place where you are always welcome. 


Visit our beautiful Vascobelo Café-Brasserie and enjoy life, the Belgian way.