For coffee lovers, tea connoisseurs, oenophiles, chocoholics or aesthetes, Vascobelo has it all. Referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, the winter holidays symbolise a time for giving. This year being a little different than usual, surprise your beloved one with thoughtful and special gifts. Gorgeous, unique and memorable, show them how much you care with the Vascobelo gift packages.

At Vascobelo, we continuously offer a gift value to all our products. Who buys a pack of commercial coffee from the supermarket shelf and gives it a present? No one. A bag of Vascobelo, however, that's another story. The high-quality focus, premium branding and brand story separate us from most brands you can find in stores. Our products' ability to bring a special touch of elegance to a simple gesture such as a gift is truly outstanding. 
For instance, we believe that a thoughtful gift isn't necessarily expensive. A thoughtful gift is about being kind towards the person you're giving the gift to. It is one that people will like and find joy in. Luckily, the person you are trying to find a gift for is original but authentic, enjoys life's little pleasures, appreciates sophistication, and perfectly imperfect luxury. In that case, we can ensure Vascobelo will have just the thing. Because a Vascobelo gift is a hobby, a personality trait, a way of life. A Vascobelo gift keeps on giving.

Significant gifts are great. Fit to please everyone on your list- friends, family, lover or colleague, in the office or at home - we have designed 4 different packages to which we love to present you. 
The coffee beans gift package contains a selection of our most exquisite coffee described as high profile blend. Additionally, you will find a happy cup - a stylish and environmentally friendly cup. Who doesn't love to offer a present the planet loves too? It is the best present for a coffee aficionado who isn't familiar with our coffee and will fall in love with it. We love this package because they will think of you every time they pour that cup, as cheesy as it sounds. And, you may be together when opening that bag for the first time, which gives you and the receiver the perfect occasion to create a new memory together. A brew-tiful present. 
The chocolate gift package is for those with a particularly sweet tooth. This package contains a collection of unique and outstanding flavours. It will accompany their beverage, end their meal or break their fast. No matter the moment, we can guarantee it will satisfy every craving. It comes with a Happy cup, perfect for enjoying their favourite beverage everywhere they go, and a Vascobelo pencil. Offer this to any chocolate lover in your life; they will adore and savour every bite. It is one of our favourite creations so far. 
The V-cups gift package comprises a selection of 5 signature blends, a Happy Cup and a Vascobelo pencil. It will offer them all the quality of coffee in compostable capsules, to be enjoyed with any Nespresso® machine. This gift set is designed for those who love to drink the highest quality coffee and want to leave a positive impact on the planet. This gift set offers your coffee-loving friend or loved one a chance to live an experience like no other, 50 times. The greatest gift is to spend time together with family and friends with high-quality coffee. 
Vascobelo's finest gift package is the ultimate present for winter that will undoubtedly deliver gourmet pleasures and drinkable delights. Carefully thought and composed with all our delicious products, this package will give the receiver a chance to experience a taste of Vascobelo. And when it comes to Vascobelo, there really is only one place to start - coffee. After all, we have explored and discovered the globe to find the most exclusive blends for over 30 years. To showcase this, we have selected three of our most famous blends and a selection of V-cups. Equally refreshing, but a little more festive, is our fantastic Collection de Rêve, perfect for the most beautiful -and dreamy- time of the year. To continue the festive feast, you will find a delicious chocolate selection we have created with the best Belgian chocolatiers. 
If you want to go bigger, why not offer a subscription? You can customise it, and at the same time, you will accompany the receiver every day. Give them this wonderful gift to get only the best right into their doorsteps.