Colombia is probably one of the most versatile places we have seen. The people, nature, the big cities, the significant differences between rich and poor, the beautiful beaches, the culture, and their immense love for coffee define the country. There is so much to tell about Colombia, but let us start by telling you about our favorite topic: coffee!


Colombia's coffee region belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Colombia owns many coffee plantations and the most significant area is called the 'Coffee Triangle'. You can find this Coffee Triangle between the Andes Mountains in Armenia, Perreira, and Manizales.

Coffee farmers in Colombia only grow Arabica coffee; this coffee grows at 1200 meters and above. But because the mountains are twice as high, the coffee farms can be found in the valleys. Here, the coffee trees grow under the shadows of other trees, like banana trees.

Drinking coffee in Colombia

You would probably think; there is no better place to drink coffee than Colombia. But unfortunately, this is not accurate. Farmers export the finest coffee beans to coffee aficionados throughout the world, while the beans that are not good enough stay in the country. This coffee tastes a very bitter, while the Colombian people are used to a lot of sweetness. Therefore, Colombian's recipe for drinking coffee is adding 1 liter of sugar water to 2 scoops of coffee. If you don't have such a sweet tooth as the Colombians, order a Tinto, this is your usual strong black coffee.

Colombian education

Back in Europe, we have a wide variety of studies and schools. But, when we visited Colombia, it was clear we don't cover all educations. In Colombia, they have a university, especially for teaching coffee. From cultivating to roasting and from cupping to repairing coffee machines; everything is possible at this university. This school was created and financed by the government to help poor kids get a bright future and enlarge the coffee business. Coffee is one of the most important export products for Colombia; the need for educated people is because of this very high because the quality has to get better every day.

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