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Happy Cup

1 cup € 6,50

Introduction 250 gr Coffee Beans

750 gram € 19,95

Le Rêve de la Comtesse

6 bottles € 87,00

Le Roi Beans

250 grams € 7,50

Our story


Vascobelo is an award-winning Belgian lifestyle brand, and our history goes back to father De Roeck, who created the award-winning coffee blend Le Roi. Jan De Roeck took over the helmet in 2012 and created the lifestyle brand that Vascobelo is right now. We are serving high-quality coffee and focus on refined experiences while creating fond memories.






We love our planet and the people who live on it. Hence, we believe in taking care of it, and therefore we have initiated Vascobelo Happy Future: an initiative that contributes to a more sustainable and happy world. We think about the generations after us while establishing our products and services.



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