Vascobelo V-cups L' Empereur

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Our V-cup L'Empereur is a dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee. It has a sweet and powerful taste with a full and lingering aftertaste. The darker roasting method leaves behind a hint of dark chocolate. It is the perfect intense espresso for coffee connoisseurs. L’Empereur is ideal for after your meal.


Compatible with Nespresso® machines


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Throughout history, many battles have been fought in order to rise to absolute supremacy. A few times, one succeeded to defeat kings and indeed became an Emperor. Upon this day, there is only one emperor left, which makes this title even more unique. We made a coffee so full of taste that it is only suited for unique occasions. As unique as a true emperor.

  • Country of origin: Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia and Cameroon
  • Coffee Farm: Various, all Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Variety: Different varieties, all 100% Arabica
  • Height of cultivation: 1200 meters and higher
  • Roasting: Wet preparation
  • Body: Full-bodied
  • Acidity: Low
  • Coffee moment: Perfect blend for a milk coffee Espresso
  • Intensity: 10 out of 12