Enrich your Vascobelo to-go experience with the Vascobelo Happy cup! This cup is our sustainable solution for your favorite coffee or tea to-go.


The Happy Cup is made of polypropylene plastic. This is a strong type of plastic that is perfect for your favorite coffee or tea to-go since it is resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, it does not affect the taste and smell of your favorite handcrafted beverage.

Polypropylene plastic is perfect to recycle and use as raw material for new products like flower pots and product packages. If you don't use your cup anymore, you can hand it in at your nearest Vascobelo location. We will recycle it for you! 


By 2025, we want all our disposables to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable. We believe that the introduction of the Happy Cup is a big step to reach this goal. 

Buy your Happy Cup now online or at your nearest Vascobelo location. Because we want to introduce you to our Happy Cup, we have an introductory price of €2,50 until September 2020. Use code HAPPYCUP when you order online.

Together we strive for a happy future.