We are proud and excited to present you with our new Winter menu!

Developing a new menu is long and complex, but seeing so many guests enjoying our delicious dishes pays off. It involves the creation of dishes by our Food & Beverage Manager based on extended market research. After brainstorming and training sessions, the dishes are finalized and communicated to the marketing team. Meanwhile, the foodbook is developed to train our employees at locations. 

Highlights of this edition

Eggs your way: have the power in your hands and choose your dish however you prefer. Choose your favorite bread, egg, and topping.

Hummus & Roasted Tomatoes: explore the rich flavors of roasted vine tomatoes, vegan feta, and sweet balsamic vinegar on a flatbread.

Croques: a selection of our favorite four croques! Monsieur, Madame, Brie, or Tuna Melt, there is a croque for every taste. The best option for lunch in the cold season.