Opening a new bag of freshly roasted coffee beans is probably one of our most favorite things. We love the smell and the distinct sound of brewing our first cup of coffee. However, once you have opened the bag, the coffee beans' quality and taste decrease if they are not stored correctly. Therefore, we have a couple of tips to maintain the delicious taste and quality of your favorite freshly roasted Vascobelo beans .

Roasted coffee beans know four enemies; moisture, light, oxygen, heat. Even strong smells can negatively change the quality of the coffee beans. In this article, we will share four tips with you to protect your coffee beans.


Always store your bag of coffee in a dark and cool place, for example, a cupboard in the kitchen. This way, you block the UV-light, which breaks down aroma's and reduces taste.

The same goes for temperature; the perfect temperature to store coffee beans is between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, so room temperature (±20 degrees) will be fine.

Are you ready to enjoy your coffee? Prepare your coffee beans by taking them out of your cupboard and let them sit there for a minute. This way, you reduce the condensation on the beans.


Coffee's biggest enemy is Oxygen. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate oxygen, but we can minimize the effect. Once the bag is opened, the aging process starts. Therefore, never empty the entire bag in a container or a grinder. The bag is designed to keep the beans fresh, even after opening. Coffee loses it's delicious taste after they have been exposed to the air for too long and all delicious flavors that characterize the bean will just fly away.

For the coffee beans that remain in the bag, make sure to close the bag airtight: push all remaining air out of the bag and roll the top of the bag down. Secure the bag with a clothespin, an elastic or adhesive tape. This way, it is tough for oxygen to enter the bag and you will save the amazing taste of your fresh Vascobelo coffee beans.


Never pre-grind your coffee beans! We understand that it is time-saving and fast, but it eliminates flavors faster. Grinding coffee does not have to be time-consuming. If you are using a french press, a percolator, or an Aeropress, a good tip is to buy a hand grinder. In just a few seconds, you have freshly ground coffee.


Last but not least, coffee beans do not have a legal expiration date.

The dates noted on the bag are guidelines from the roaster. We recommend to always taste and smell yourself; old coffee tastes sour and moldy. Fortunately, you will not get sick of old coffee, but it is not high-quality either. To make it easy, never buy more coffee than you will drink a month's worth of time.

How do you store your Vascobelo coffee at home? Share your tips with us! We love to hear them.