Many people think coffee is not that good for your health. But, they didn't consider the amounts of coffee, or the additives they add to their coffee, like syrup or sugar. This is the same case with many other products, do you eat or drink it too much? Then, of course, it's probably not that good for you.

Coffee, on itself, has a lot of health benefits. First of all, coffee provides your body with fluid, which is necessary for your entire immune system and metabolism. A lower concentration of these molecules reduces the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and diabetes type 2. Is your coffee not filtered good enough? Then, cafestol and kahweol can increase the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and diabetes type 2. We use high-quality roasted coffee and our filters are designed to lower the absence of these molecules.

Besides cafestol and kahweol, caffeine is a part of your daily coffee. Caffeine can have a lot of benefits when it is consumed in reasonable amounts. For example, it can help you to get that little bit extra energy you lack right now. Besides, it can improve your motivation and helps you to remember stuff much faster.

How to choose the right coffee?

Since we know what coffee can do for you when it is consumed the right way, it is still essential which coffee beans you buy.

Very dark roasted coffee, for example, lowers health benefits and has a less refined taste than medium roasted coffee beans.

All Vascobelo coffee beans are finely roasted in a roastery in Belgium, just outside of Antwerp. We carefully choose where our beans come from and only select the best.

Le Roi, for example, is a blend from Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Rwanda, and Java. The beans grow at a minimum height of 1200m and are produced according to the washed method.

Coffee is a product that deserves people to invest in. Not only because of the hard work and the benefits for your health, but the quality of the coffee beans is also higher.

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