Every year on the 18th of March, it is Global Recycling Day. On this day, we highlight the importance of reusing products.

Vascobelo Happy Future

At Vascobelo, we value contributing to a more sustainable world. That is why we introduced Vascobelo Happy future. Vascobelo Happy Future is an initiative that contributes to sustainable developments all over the world. We commit to sustainable partnerships and make products that last a lifetime and do not harm the planet with everything we do.

Compostable V-cups

Therefore, we are very proud that our V-cups are 100% compostable, which means that they are made from natural materials only. We sell our V-cups in reusable bags to prevent waste.

Vascobelo Happy Cup

Besides our compostable V-cups, we also have our Vascobelo Happy Cup. This cup is our sustainable solution for your favourite coffee or tea to-go. The Vascobelo happy cup is made of polypropylene plastic and is 100% recyclable.