At Vascobelo, we love the roaring twenties. Especially vintage, antiques, and the great Gatsby glamour.

We love authentic music made with real instruments. We are fascinated by Jazz music, which you may recognize from our Café-Brasseries, where we always play Jazz music in the background to enhance your experience.

We have had the privilege to release our very own Vascobelo Jazz album featuring the young Belgian singer Lisah Adeaga. The best way to describe Lisah Adeaga is as a Belgian, Nigerian Jazz artist with a passion for art – and music in particular. We are very fond of this album and have a warm connection with Lisah.

Today it is National Music Day in the Netherlands. The purpose of this day is to create and enjoy music together. We believe that music is an international language that has the power to connect people of all ages and backgrounds. This is what we admire about music.

We want to highlight our carefully composed playlist, which is available on Spotify. Our playlist is created by Lucie De Roeck and perfectly fits the ambience of our Café-Brasseries. You can experience Vascobelo at home by listening to the Vascobelo Playlist ‘VASCOBELO 2021’ on Spotify. This playlist is an ode to Italian and Spanish Jazz music. LISTEN HERE.


What is your favourite music genre?