We all love to start our day with a good cup of coffee. The kick we get from the caffeine helps us wake up and provides us with some well-needed energy throughout the day. Caffeine can have plenty of benefits, like raising your heart rate and improving your concentration. However, too much caffeine could prevent you from falling asleep at night or make you feel restless.

The effects caused by consuming high amounts of caffeine can easily be prevented by drinking decaf coffee. Vascobelo's decaf coffee still contains all the flavour components that regular coffee does except caffeine.


How can we extract only the caffeine from the beans without influencing the flavour profile in any way?

There are two ways in which caffeine can be extracted from coffee beans:
The first and most widespread method uses a chemical called dichloromethane. The beans are flushed in a liquid containing this chemical which makes the caffeine dissolve. Most of the decaf coffee consumed in Europe has been decaffeinated using this method. Vascobelo, however, uses decaf, which is 100% chemical-free, by making use of the second method.

The second method is called the CO2 or critical carbon method. This method uses CO2, a naturally occurring substance, pressed through the coffee beans under extremely high pressure. Because of the high pressure, the CO2 acts as a liquid picking up all the beans' caffeine but leaving the aroma behind. This method is widely viewed as a safer option for using only naturally occurring CO2 instead of chemicals. That is why we at Vascobelo choose this specific method of decaffeinating our coffee.

Vascobelo Decaf 

Would you like to enjoy all the good things coffee has to offer any time of the day?

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