We would like to take a moment to tell you more about our brand story. We symbolise ourselves through two beautiful figures, which can be seen in our designs. These figures, the stork and the bowler hat, perfectly describe what we stand for. They are unique and therefore cherished on all our products.


Firstly, we adore the stork because it is a magnificent animal. Legends say it brings new life, while our Japanese customers told us that storks bring happiness. For us, it is also connected to the annual migration of the bird. We identify with this beautiful creature because our green coffee beans travel from all over the world: We carefully select the best, roast them with passion, and send them back to coffee aficionados worldwide, making them happy.

 Secondly, the bowler hat is a reference to the one that René Magritte also painted. It is a hint to the surrealism we love, and it communicates elegance. The Vascobelo storks typically wear it.

We strongly resonate with these two symbols, and for this reason, we are proud to have them part of our brand story. Have you noticed that most of our packages contain one of these figures? Our packaging is established with care, and we strive for perfection, an unforgettable experience at home. 

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