The convenience of luxury and comfort, our Vascobelo boxes.

Vascobelo wishes to give everyone who orders a box from us the idea that it is made especially for them, and in the end, it is! All boxes are carefully composed and packed by our staff with all love!

Not only the content is essential, but also the packaging materials are carefully selected. Besides the fact that our packaging must look perfect, it must also be as environmentally friendly as possible! This is something that we at Vascobelo consider very important. 

Vascobelo tries to create a box that fits every special occasion. Think of Father's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas; we try to offer you a wonderfully filled box for two people.

In addition, we also have a few Vascobelo boxes to create the "Vascobelo feeling" at home!

Take, for example, the "La Soirée Collection", with which you get the ultimate Vascobelo experience at home. Dried ham, olives, delicious cheeses and of course, a lovely matching beer!

We also offer a nice well-filled breakfast box, lunch box or box for a pleasant evening with your beloved ones.
All these boxes can be ordered via our website, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.