During these strange times, all of humanity has found itself a new hobby: walking.

Whatever restrictions might apply to your region, going out for a walk with a friend will always be possible. Plus, walking is a great way to stay active and enjoy life! That is why in the Netherlands, a new event has popped up in recent times: City Walk. 

City Walk, or Stadswandeling as it is called in Dutch, is a safe way to enjoy the outdoors and explore the historical city centre of several Dutch towns whilst also supporting local cafés and restaurants. These walks take place mostly during the weekends and last for a minimum of 1.5 hours. The city walk guides you past beautiful old streets, lavishly green city parks and contain stops at cafés and restaurants where you can get delicious refreshments and small bites to take along with you on your route.

 At Vascobelo we believe this is a great way to explore a city as we love to wander and enjoy the little happy moments in life. We are glad to take part in this initiative and share our love for coffee with the City Walkers that come along. Have you ever tried Vascobelo’s pastel de nata? This Portuguese pastry is one of our personal favourites. The creamy custard filling is perfect in combination with a coffee of your choice.

Will you be joining a City Walk near you next weekend to support your locals and discover something new in your environment? We are active in Eindhoven, Haarlem, Utrecht and Amsterdam!

You can buy your tickets for your preferred city via the Instagram page of  De Stadswandeling.

Discover, taste and take it away! Get your tickets here.