With great pride, we present to you the new four, unique wines of our dream wine collection. Our Vascobelo Finest Wine collection consists of 7 magnificent wines. We have teamed up with the best winemakers from the Bordeaux and from the Cotes du Rhône.

Family De Roeck cherish warm feelings for the south of France. They have been coming together there for almost 50 summers now. Together with other French friends and families, they have enjoyed the pure beauty of landscape, friendship, the sun, fresh fruit, warm light and good wine. We consider this as the ultimate dream.

The first three wines we introduced come from Bordeaux. These are three delicious, accessible wines that are suitable for any time. A velvety red, a fresh white wine and a salmon-coloured rosé wine.

Now it is time to introduce you to our hand-picked wines from the Cotes du Rhône. These wines are special, they each tell a different story. They turn every occasion into an unforgettable moment. The complexity of these wines is a true feast for the wine lovers.

Le Rêve du Dauphin (Vermentino / Viognier / Muscat) 2020

The grapes for this white wine are hand-picked and the blend is specially composed for Vascobelo. The Vermentino grape expresses a beautifully refined, light citrus and tree fruit personality. Vibrant silvery-gold, dense and luminous. Combined with the seductive aromatic tones of the Muscat grape, this is the Crown Princes’ dream come true. Wonderful to drink as an apéritif or with light fish dishes.

Le Rêve de la Reine (Viognier/ Rousanne / Marsanne / Grenache Blanc) 2020

Sensuous, hedonistic and seductive, inviting to taste more. That is a perfect description of this full-bodied, floral and ripe-white fruited Viognier based wine. This is how every Queen dreams to be. Perfect to enjoy over fish, goat cheese and grilled chicken. 

Le Rêve du Prince (Grenache / Marselan / Vermentino) 2019

This is the powerful son of Le Roi. Refined power and structure combined with spicy richness and an elegant taste of small-berry fruits. Well-balanced, drinkable with a genuine good companion. This is what the Prince’s red wine dream stands for. Goes wonderful with spicy dishes and is excellent with tomato.

Le Rêve du Roi (Grenache / Syrah / Mourvèdre) 2019

The King’s dream of a perfect red wine is rich, full-bodied and leathery, characterized by flavours of dark fruit and spice. Find tones of cherries and strawberries and experience a long warm finish. Reflections of dark purple colour, giving this wine its royal appearance. Enjoyable it with red meats and stews, but also goes well with a cheese platter. 

Celebrating simple things in life combined with an inspiring atmosphere with our beloved ones. Refined pleasure, that is how we like to call it. Our dream wines are a perfect addition to this. All of our wines are available in our webshop and at selected locations. Order now!