We, at Vascobelo, use coffee beans of the highest quality, carefully handpicked above 1200 meters and roasted in Belgium’s most exquisite artisan roasting houses. Today, we have successfully created our own blends, namely Le Roi, L’Empereur, Le Comte and Le Chevalier.


As a coffee drinker, you have normally come across the term coffee blend. By definition, it is a mixture of coffee beans where each originates from more than one place. Typically, the two most common coffee beans used are Arabica, grown in high altitudes, characterised by a smooth caramel taste with a quite rich finishing and Robusta, grown in lower altitudes, known for having a much stronger flavour. Therefore, it is vital to know about the flavour profiles and the result of roasting on the taste of finished coffee in order to create a high profile blend. This suggests that there are numerous combinations possible to create coffee, where each will have its own characteristics with different roasts, styles or flavours.




Le Roi has an unprecedented mildness. It combines a sensual delight with a fine balance of subtle aromas. The rich body displays a taste pallet of fruit, caramel, nuts, chocolate, a tinge of almond and honey. It all mixes together perfectly into a full-bodied and silky blend. It is originating from Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java and Rwanda.

L’Empereur has both a sweet and powerful taste. You can feel hints of black chocolate due to the darker roasting method with a full and lingering aftertaste. It is the perfect intense espresso for coffee connoisseurs. The countries of origins are Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia and Cameroon.

Le Comte is characterised as a flavourful blend and is a variant of our 100% Arabica blend ‘Le Roi’. Contrary to Le Roi, Le Comte has been complemented with a very exquisite African Robusta (10%). This results in a full-bodied character with a slightly spiced aftertaste. In fact, it is perfect for your lungo in the morning! This blend comes from Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java, Rwanda and Siërra Leone.


Le Chevalier is considered to be the most full-bodied coffee blend out of the entire Vascobelo coffee collection. This blend is made for the true Italian ristretto fanatic, however, deprived from the harsh and bitter aftertaste. To some extent, it is an enhanced and spiced-up version of Le Roi. Like the other blends, its countries of origin are multiple, namely Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Cameroon.




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