An espresso is a shot of concentrated coffee. As the name suggests, this express process offers a beverage that needs to be drunk quickly to get the most of the flavours. When prepared correctly, it will give a glance of great taste and perfect flavour. What’s more, it forms the heart and soul of every cup of coffee we serve. In fact, all Vascobelo coffees start with an espresso. This is why a great cup of Vascobelo needs a great barista.


Just like any other recipe, you have to make sure you have the right ingredients. When it comes to espresso, there are two major ingredients; very hot water and finely ground and compacted coffee beans. While this sounds like a relatively easy process, we will show you, step by step, how to get the best coffee possible.  

 Step 1: Rinsing the porta-filler   
Step 2: Drying the filter with a clean dry towel or brush to remove excess from the previous espresso 
Step 3: Adjusting the grinder (see coffee, a process of extraction)
Step 4: Filling the porta-filler with the exact amount of fresh ground coffee
Step 5: Flattening the coffee grounds to even the surface (use your finger) 
 Step 6: Tamping the coffee ground using your thumb and index on the tamper to apply even pressure 
Step 7: Brushing to get rid of the excess coffee on the edge of the filter  
Step 8: Now it is time to brew your coffee. But before, make sure that your machine should always be set to the following settings: 
- Boiler pressure between 1 and 1,5 bar
- Water pressure more than 9 bar
- Temperature for all Vascobelo blends should be 92ºC
If all these settings are set, then you can brew your coffee for 26 seconds exactly. 
Step 9: Serving the expresso on an appropriate saucer with a sugar stick chocolate a spoon and a glass of water 
Step 10: Removing used grounds from the porta-filler 

This is now your turn to put all your knowledge and love in every coffee you make and share Belgian happiness with all your customers.



Don't forget to warm up the cup for an even better coffee!

For the perfect Doppio. To brew and serve a double espresso you need to follow the same steps as the single espresso but make sure your grinder is set for the desired amount for a double shot and warm up 2 espresso cups.
For the perfect Americano. Start by filling up an Americano cup with hot water until the level is under the lowest part of the handle. You can then follow the same steps as the espresso and pour a double shot into the hot water.


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