Culinary writer Monique van Loon orders and discusses a home delivery meal. This time from: Vascobelo.

Nicely packaged and delicious: the box-for-two is top. PICTURE MONIQUE VAN LOON

Where do we order?
I already knew Vascobelo from the good cappuccinos at Scheltema on the Rokin, but it has several branches in the (mainly southern side) city. They also serve more than coffee. Much more. From croissants and lavish crackers in the morning to burgers, fries and bitterballen in the evening. Especially the sandwiches and the many sweets stand out; the pictures are mouth-watering. The drinks menu is extensive: you can order an espresso, earl grey or a bottle of rosé, but also a bag of Guatemalan coffee beans. Finally, the Vascobelo Boxes are worth highlighting: extensive packages for two, for every eating moment of the day.


Vroom vroom!
Delivery takes a while, but everything is beautifully packaged. The prices at Vascobelo are a bit higher, which is why I think it's extra nice that so much care has been given to this. First of all, a box-for-two: I chose the lunch variant, Le Midi Magnifique (€38.50). A luxury box filled with a Classic Chicken sandwich, bagel with salmon, soup, two slices of cake and two bottles of fresh orange juice.




Not only does it look beautiful, but the flavours are also excellent. The sandwich is topped with tender chicken, crispy bacon and a spicy mayo. The fresh bagel is generously spread with chives cream cheese, capers, avocado and smoked salmon. The mushroom soup is high on flavour and the coffee cheesecake is one of the tastiest I ever tasted. At €19.25 per person, it is not cheap, but you get value for money and the quality is high.


Beautiful. Is the rest just as successful?
I'm a little less happy with the coffee – kind of the trademark anyway. A flat white with oat milk costs € 4.55 (!) and instead of a double ristretto with lots of steamed milk and a thin layer of foam, I get a minuscule amount of lukewarm, thin coffee with a dash of milk. Now I wouldn't normally have coffee delivered to my home, but if they offer it, it must be good. Unfortunately.

The Caesar salad (€15.50) is also not the cheapest, but very tasty. Well filled with chicken thighs, avocado, anchovies, egg and parmesan. The dressing is also top-notch. Unfortunately, they forgot the promised bread with butter. That is very sloppy, especially considering the price.

Finally, the Eggs California (€14.50), a kind of eggs benedict with avocado and tomato instead of ham. The poached eggs have a hard-boiled yolk (brrr!), the rest tastes great. Yet you expect a little more level for this amount.

So quite a few cosmetic flaws, and yet I am still enthusiastic about the lunch box. I would definitely recommend ordering these together.




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