Aside from the bubbles and sweet tea, there are multiple ways to twist your Kombucha  - simply add some magic ingredients and it will result in a healthy, refreshing and delicious way to get your daily dose of probiotics. This is why Vascobelo has crafted for you their very own organic Kombucha flavours they are proud to present.

The Spicy Ginger (spicy) kombucha has its own refreshing, spicy palate. It is a boost for your immune system and a kick start of the day. With the perfect balance between the spice of ginger and the drought of Kombucha, no wonder why it is the #1 best selling flavour worldwide. 


The Raspberry Kombucha (sweet) is a sweet variation with a surprising twist.  The red colour of the fruit will not only brighten up your drink but hopefully your day. It is the ideal soda replacement for everyone in the family. 


The Elderberry Kombucha (bitter) has a refreshing taste with bitter notes. Both Kombucha and elderberry are nutritious foods that increase wellness and wonderfully impact your immune system. Together, they nourish the body in a delicious way. Small tip. It tastes even better during the winter as the tonic will give the immune system extra support. 


The Rose Kombucha (floral) has a unique taste with floral notes. It is remarkably fresh while giving a subtle sweet aftertaste. Delicate, mildly sweet and beautifully looking. We just can’t get enough. 





Grab a bottle and toast with us at any of our Café-Brasserie. You can also buy it from our webshop or enjoy it on takeaways