Whether you currently live or have had the chance to visit Amsterdam, you most certainly know that Scheltema is an icon in the city. Located in the Rokin and founded more than 150 years ago, it offers hundreds of thousands of books, making it an ideal place to gather, get some culture, find your next nightstand’s favourite, but also cut off of everything and relax. The best part is that there is a fully operational kitchen surrounding those books. And guess whose kitchen we are talking about. 


The great thing about Vascobelo Scheltema is its location. Not only in the heart of Amsterdam but in the very heart of a bookstore, it is indeed a place where people are constantly passing through. However, it will never be (too) crowded. People come and go, sit there to have a quick lunch, or long afternoons. Eventually, it appears like the perfect finish after strolling through the bookstore. There is a unique atmosphere to the extent that it has become an emblematic place to spend some time and relax. 




What makes Vascobelo Scheltema even more special is the fact that the coffee you order will be served by a world latte art champion. Maybe this doesn’t really mean much to you, but for others, it will tremendously change their whole coffee experience. Sometimes a squirrel, other times a swan or even a woman meditating are common drawings you can and will get if you are lucky enough to meet Jesse. 


We can’t wait to see you there. You can simply walk in or make a reservation here


See you soon!