Coffee is really personal, meaning there is no right way to make it, only the one you like it best. Depending on your time and machinery at your disposal, there are several options available for making coffee at home. But if you like speciality coffee that requires less time and effort, then ground beans are your best choice.  No need to worry about the grind size, taste or strength, the hard part has already been done for you. 



  • Place the French press on a dry and even surface 
  • Pour 7 to 10 grams of coffee per 200ml (6.7oz) of water  
  • Add your warm (not boiling) water into the carafe 
  • Carefully insert the tough strainer until it reaches the top of the water level (do NOT press yet)
  •  Let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes. This is standard time, but you can adjust it depending on how strong you want your coffee to be 
  •  Press down slowly and evenly 
  • Pour and enjoy 

How does a French press work?

When you brew coffee in a French press, you simply have to add the grounds into the carafe, add very hot water and let it sit a bit before pushing the ground down using the tough strainer. 

What are the main advantages?

It offers people to make a cup of coffee according to their own individual taste, simply by adjusting the amount of coffee they add into the carafe, but also how long they let it rest. 

Then as a French press hit all the grounds, it offers a complete saturation of both the coffee and its oils, resulting in a different yet fuller flavour.

Lastly, the carafe maintains the right water temperature throughout the whole process.

Why do people love French press? 

Many people believe this is the best way to making coffee, as the brewing process is slightly imperfect and will add tiny bits of coffee grounds in your cup. Right after pouring your coffee, the aroma will be strong and delicious and coffee oils are floating on top of the cup. In other words, everything is in the cup and you will experience coffee through all your senses. 


THE POUR OVER METHOD ( or drip coffee maker)


  • Heat the water
  • Place ground coffee inside the paper filter
  • Pour the water slowly, in a circular motion preferably 
  • Watch the coffee drip into the mug or carafe 
  • Let it pour until you get the desired amount of coffee


 What is Pour Over coffee? 

Also known as filter coffee, this method involves putting ground coffee into a filter and then pouring water to extract coffee flavours into a carafe or mug. 

What are the main advantages?

Above all, it is extremely practical. In a slower brewing process, the water filters through the grounds slowly which accentuates the flavour after the coffee has been extracted. In a nutshell, you have full control AND it is cost-effective. Not to mention that you can use it anywhere.


Why do people love the Pour Over method? 

People, and especially black coffee drinkers, love this method because good filter coffee is clean, clear and consistent. while the water extracts coffee in its time and pressures the filter retains and catches a lot of oils.


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