Select and collect fantastic products from around the globe. Distribute them to our people. Make them unconditionally happy. This is Vascobelo's core mission. Indeed, we believe that every time a customer buys one of our products, they feel like they are part of a club with a certain high level of joie de vivre

Beyond bringing to our friends and families high-quality products, we put a particular focus on delivering products that have amazing stories behind them. This blog post will therefore highlight one of the oldest and most renowned family in the Bordeaux Region: The André Lurton Family. 


Famille André Lurton is a family of winegrowers, enthusiastic about what they do and devoted to producing outstanding wines in the prestigious Bordeaux appellation. Owners of several chateaux, their name guarantees expertise and quality year after year, vintage after vintage. 

 The Lurton family has perpetuated this wine-growing tradition and expertise over three centuries and four generations. Les Vignobles André Lurton remains the largest wineries in the Bordeaux region today. 


Great wines start in the vineyard. That is why all our wines are made with carefully selected grapes which come from our own vines - Jacques Lurton, son and current president of the family estate. 


Vascobelo wines from ‘La collection de Rêve’ originate from Bordeaux, and more precisely from Château Bonnet. In fact, this is the family's home where the whole story started in 1897, and it remains today the head of the company where most of the staff and winemakers are based. 

Château Bonnet covers 300 hectares in several appellations; Entre-Deux-Mers, Bordeaux Red and Rosé.  For many years, the property has long had a famous international reputation for its white wines. But the area also produces characterful red wines. 

Consequently, Vascobelo is more than proud to serve you with three outstanding wines, namely:

  • Le Rêve du Baron (Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon), 
  • Le Rêve de la Comtesse (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Le Rêve du Comte (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon)



Regarding Vascobelo Happy Future, we need to have products that respect this concept.  

It is thus no surprise that we have selected Château Bonnet, certified at the Highest Environmental Level since 2017, for its environmental-friendly practices.

This eco-responsible approach isn’t for the vines only but affects many other aspects of production too, with a particular focus on promoting and protecting biodiversity. For instance, the first step of this program was creating an eco-garden near the Château to boost biodiversity, which was then followed by the reintroduction of beehives. The ultimate goal would be to turn Bonnet back to a farm, which in fact, was how it used to be back then. This global project demonstrates innovation in the wine industry but also a growing environmental awareness.