With over 2.25 billion of cups being consumed every day, it is no surprise that the most loved beverage in the world has a day of its own. You read it right. October 1st is the day to appreciate your cup a little extra but also honour the hard work of coffee growers around the globe. Ready to celebrate? 


First initiated in Japan by the All Japan Coffee Association, the International Coffee date was quickly adopted by other countries, while its official launch date was set on October 1st 2015 in Milan. The motivation behind the creation of such a day was to support the millions of coffee growers in the world and ensure that they get a living wage in exchange of their hard work. 

Considering the number of workers involved, this day is aimed to raising awareness of the social, economical and environemental impacts of coffee production, and most importantly to voice out the injustices and inequalities that persist in certain coffee plantation. Bad working conditions, little to no pay, exposure to deadly pesticides, child labor abuse .. International Coffee Day is an opportunity to expose those on-going issues and thinking of ways to solve them while hopefully encouraging people to change their purshasing habits and have a few thoughts on where they are getting their coffee from. 



Arguably, coffee is the most loved beverage around the world. Countless individuals consume it on a daily basis in its many forms, with an average consumption of three cups a day.  But beyond the caffeine it contains, there are too many reasons why we love coffee so much. 

At Vascobelo, we love coffee because it is a call to warmth. It brings people together, makes them want to share stories and ultimately create new memories while savouring an extraordinary beverage. In other words, drinking coffee fosters social interactions. It is an excuse to go out and meet with people you love. Yet, it is also a time where you treat yourself with a little luxury without feeling guilty. 
Another reason why we love coffee is because it is international and consumed nearly everwhere around the globe, yet has a different qualities and characteristics depending on the country it is consumed in. For instance, people drink, prepare and perceive coffee differently where each country has its own coffee culture. 

Furthermore, we love coffee because of the several health benefits it generates, when consumed moderately of course. Studies after studies have demonstrated that we get more from our morning cup than we think. If it is undeniable that coffee is associated to caffeine, which increases productivity, helps us focus and keeps us energised, it is also important to highlight that coffee contains loads of antioxidants that may protect us from certain diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer or liver cancer. 

Lastly, we love coffee simply because of its amazing taste. Coffee is effervecent, aromatic and never the same. The smell and flavour will depend on the barista, but the feeling you get of your cup depends on your mood, the people you share the cup with, the emotions you are feeling at that exact moment. The variables are so infinite that it is no surprise why we love coffee so much. Because each sip makes you feel a specific and unique emotion. 



As obvious as it may sound, the best way to celebrate International Coffee Day is with a delicious cup of coffee. Tall, short, black, with milk or sugar, no matter what you put in it, enjoy your cup a little extra today. And why not use the occasion to broaden your horizon and try a coffee you have never had before? Maybe, you will discover a new love for a different brew! Or else, you could experiment a new recipe and add ingredients you would have never think of before!


Whatever you end up doing during this celerbation, share your happy memories with us. We would love to see how you are appreciating your coffee, especially today. 


Latte love