The world of coffee accessories is wide and keeps flourishing. But when discussing alternate brewing methods, the Aeropress is one of the few that makes coffee connoisseurs gather around. Popular amongst coffee enthusiasts around the world, it is a revolutionary way of making a perfect and unique coffee with the texture and simplicity of a traditional drip. If you are curious and want to experiment a new brewing method, this blog is for you. 



The Aeropress is one of the quickest ways to brew coffee at home, manually. It consists of pressing coffee through a chamber placed directly on top of a cup.
Made of three essential parts, namely a chamber, a plunger, and a filter cap, it uses gentle air pressure to create a smooth and rich flavored coffee while removing its acidity or bitterness. The extraction is indeed consistent and clean. 

Although similar to the French press, as they both use total immersion brew, the Aeropress has another element that produces a crisper, brighter, and cleaner coffee: a paper filter.  
Besides,  you create pressure when you place the plunger into the main body of the AeroPress and press down, whereas the French Press does not. Indeed, this forces the water through the coffee grounds in a similar way to an espresso machine. In the end, it results in a coffee that is quite similar to an espresso made with an engine when really, your hands have made it. Fantastic, isn't it?



The Standard method is the easiest and preferred method, especially for those new to the Aeropress. 

  1. Put the paper filter in the filter holder and twist it before placing it back into the chamber.
  2. Place the chamber on a mug.
  3.  Add finely-ground coffee (usually one rounded scoop) to the brewing chamber.
  4. Shake to even the coffee surface
  5. Boil and add just enough water to wet the grounds. Wait for approximately 30 seconds, then fill the AeroPress up to Level 1 (this will make a medium-sized cup of coffee). 
  6. Stir about 10 seconds for hot brewing, 30 for cold
  7. Insert plunger and press down gently 
  8. Enjoy your coffee!


 The inverted method requires a bit more technic. It ensures a full immersion of coffee into water and results in making a more consistent cup.

  1. Insert the piston into the brewing chamber. Turn the Aeropress upside down.
  2.  Add a filter paper to the filter holder and wet it, so it sticks upside down.
  3.  Add finely-ground coffee (usually one rounded scoop) to the brewing chamber.
  4. Boil and add just enough water to wet the grounds. Wait for approximately 30 seconds, then fill the AeroPress up to Level 1 (again, this will make a medium-sized cup of coffee). 
  5. Stir about 10 seconds for hot brewing, 30 for cold
  6. Screw the filter holder onto the brewer. Place a cup upside down on top and very carefully turn everything back the right way up. Push down slowly. 
  7. Enjoy your coffee!


Whatever the method used, the Aeropress is unbelievably easy to keep clean. Simply remove the filter cap and the plunger to eject used coffee. Rinse thoroughly. Voilà. 


NB. The Aeropress is suitable for placing on the dishwasher's top shelf, but we highly recommend washing it by hand. 



First and foremost, it is light and compact. People can easily transport it anywhere, at the office, during a vacation, whether at the valley, sea, or beyond. It is an excellent travel companion that provides you with excellent coffee, especially when away from home. 

Then, it is inexpensive and will undoubtedly last a lifetime item. With an average price of € 30, how can you possibly invest your money any better? Made of plastic, it is highly unbreakable. Which is another good reason to take it anywhere you go.

Besides, it is quick to use and quick to clean. It brews your coffee very quickly, somewhere between 30 to 60 seconds, and only requires a good rinse - as you would with anything else. 

Above all, it truly makes an excellent yet unique cup of coffee. The pressure used to press down coffee through the water guarantees a rich, full-bodied, heavy, and consistent coffee every time as it helps to extract the most flavors from the coffee grounds. To keep it short, it allows an outstanding balance between body and clarity, 


If you want a barista-style coffee fast, the Aeropress is for you. Buy yours now and join the coffee lover community!


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