With pride, we are excited to announce we are launching a new Vascobelo product for you: Belgium’s Finest Tea Collection. Born out of our love for delivering high quality, luxurious and unique products, we have created eight iconic blends to offer you an exciting range of rare and luxury artisan teas from the worlds’ most precious estates. Classic but innovative, the Vascobelo Tea Collection is carefully composed with the most refined flavours. Discover the best teas in the world.

The start and journey of our tea collection go back to the origins of our family. As much as we love coffee, we have always had a strong interest in tea. Like your beloved espresso, we believe tea is more than a beverage but a precious part of our day-to-day lives. 
Today, the Vascobelo stork has returned, and we are thrilled to share with you the best we could find. After years of exploration and the numerous possibilities this beverage can offer, we discovered, collected and gracefully brought back what we believe are the best teas in the world. Working alongside the most passionate blenders of all, we love to introduce you to 8 iconic tea blends, of which we are very much proud. The taste and aromas match the effort and focus on quality that we have long sought. Every cup will enliven your senses and bring you flavours of the world.  
Therefore, the Vascobelo tea collection is a tribute to our friends, family, and beloved ones. Those who want to be adventurous, love a taste of uniqueness while celebrating the rituals of tea origins.  

Tea represents purity, tranquillity, simplicity and delicacy. Adding it to our product line, therefore, felt like a natural fit. It is also the love our guests have for the refined, luxury, elegance and a certain level of joie de vivre that motivated us to offer them a rare, handcrafted beautiful side of tea, with all its fresh and rich character.  
At Vascobelo, we are constantly trying to grow our business to satisfy customers while also supporting a path to a better future. We thus preferred to offer loose-leaf tea, which we believe would encourage people to reduce their packaging consumption and promote less waste. Besides, it brings many flavours and will result in a more intense and aromatic beverage. Elegantly enclosed in beautiful tins, your tea will remain fresh and rich.  
Vascobelo finest tea collection includes Vascobelo’s signature for indulgence and savoir-faire. Each sip of our Tea collection is an immersive tea experience that will bring you to iconic countries around the world. Discover the world’s finest teas:
Darjeeling First Flush:  Exceptional, delicate, light fragrant  
Keemun Luxus: Lively, aromatic, sophisticated  
Rooibos: Complex, marvellous, flavourful  
Turkish Apple: Bold, intense, fruity 
Well-Being: Relaxing, fresh, gourmet  
Morning Light: Succulent, floral, delightful 
Early Grey: Robust, sumptuous, aromatic  
Forest Fruit: Spicy, fruity, vigorous  

We are passionate about this tea collection because of what it represents. It has been a long journey, but we have learned and experimented with delivering a tea experience like no other with pride. Our unique blends represent and embrace the diversity of cultures and reveal a fascinating and hidden world of teas.  
We are proud to present these eight first blends to you and would love to reinvent the way tea is flavoured. Just like coffee, we realised that people seek ways to customise their tea. After many investigations, we firmly believe we provide you through this collection with the ultimate flavour combinations. Ultimately, we landed on eight different blends that you can now buy online to enjoy at home or all our locations.