Enjoy a walk through Amsterdam South with Vascobelo for only € 19,50.


Discover the best of Belgium while exploring Amsterdam Zuid. Plan your route with Vascobelo to enjoy a nice and refreshing walk with 4 perfect locations to stop by. Vascobelo Rijnstraat, Vascobelo Stadionplein, Vascobelo Parnassusweg* and Vascobelo Aalsmeerweg will be the perfect places to take a break, warm up with your favourite beverage and get energy with amazing treats. No matter your starting point, get yourself a stamp card for only € 19,50 and stamp it every time you pass by.

- Stamp cards are available at participating locations
- The walk is available 7 days a week
- You can choose your own starting location
- For € 19,50 per person, you will receive a stamp card which allows you to get 4 beverages and 4 bites


* Vascobelo Parnassusweg is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so on these days you get an extra drink and bite at Vascobelo Stadionplein.



 Find your nearest location here and start your Amsterdam Zuid Walk!