Turkish Apple is one of the most popular types of fruit tea. In contrast to other teas, it is an infusion drink made by steeping dried pieces of apple and other fruits into boiling water. It will transport you to the magical charm and fragrant climate of Turkey. It is anything like you have ever tasted before.


Worldwide, tea is the most consumed beverage, after water. Compared to Chinese and Indian teas, the history of Turkish tea is relatively young as tea culture only began in the late 1930s in Rize and the nearby provinces of Trabzon and Artvin. 

Before WWI, coffee was an integral part of Turkish culture. Drinking coffee was an essential social custom as it gave people a reason to meet and talk. But when the Ottoman Empire fell, coffee became too expensive to consume. Hence, the nation began to embrace a new beverage initially consumed by its neighbours from the West. And tea has quickly become part of Turkey’s social practices. Nowadays, Turkish people enjoy their teas all day long, and the beverage is part of most trials and rites of life in the country. For instance, you will always find a pot of tea ready to drink or offer to guests in every home. 

Moreover, the country ranks as one of the highest per capita tea consumers globally. Turkey now counts more than 230 tea factories and produces between 6 and 10% of the globe’s tea. 


If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself needing an energy boost during the day, then the Vascobelo Turkish Apple infusion is for you. Made with meticulously air-dried apple pieces, apple pomace and sweet blackberry leaves, it results in a tangy, crisp, delightful and mellow beverage. Perfect for a soothing and warm winter drink as well as a refreshing cold iced tea in the summer. 


Our coloured blend dominated by apple pieces will surely bring happiness to your day. Comforting, sweet and incredibly fresh. Is there a better way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C? Besides, due to the sweetness of the apple, this Vascobelo infusion is sugar-free and is naturally sweetened, with a fruity finish thanks to the blackberry leaves. Although we love it that way, you can add some sugar but no milk ( it will curdle due to the natural fruit content). 

Serving suggestion: Traditionally, Turkish tea is served in a small glass for you to enjoy the pinkish colour of your tea. Considering the component of this infusion, we strongly suggest you to serve it in a transparent cup to enjoy the beautiful color of your beverage. 


Turkish Apple tastes very different from your regular cup of tea. Imagine drinking boiled but sweet apple juice with a touch of acidity (acidity brought by citric acid, flavoring). That’s precisely how Vascobelo Turkish apple tea tastes like. With very distinctive fruity notes in every sip, it is a true delight from start to finish. Brewed to perfection, it will release bold and sharp notes and tangy tones (Learn how to brew your tea here). Lastly, its lovely aftertaste that will likely encourage you to make another cup!