Ladies and gentlemen, Dinner is now served. Vascobelo has mastered breakfast and lunch, and we are now taking this success into another mealtime. We are excited to introduce to our guests the arrival of a new and exquisite menu starting March 22nd to enjoy Vascobelo day and night. Composed by talented chefs, we are proud to offer you fresh, innovative and delicious dining items. Be ready to experience Dinner by Vascobelo. 

Make your reservations now at Vascobelo Aalsmeerweg and Vascobelo NoMa House, and get a glass of Vascobelo Extra Brut as an aperitif from us!

No matter how long you have been following the Vascobelo adventure, it is essential to remind you where we come from to understand where we are going. 
Led by our philosophy “Where Friends Meet”, Vascobelo developed the Vascobelo Café-Brasserie. It’s a place to share ideas and experiences, get to know someone better, reminisce about memories with friends or relatives, and create new ones while enjoying exquisite natural food and drinks, using the world’s finest ingredients only. Breakfast, lunch, appetisers or brunch, there is something for every moment, every taste. We entrust homemade, fresh and good-looking food with a story to tell. You may think that the items we serve are relatively simple, but once it goes into your mouth, you will understand the difference loving the food you sell makes. This is what differentiates us from any other ordinary Café. And behind these beautiful dishes, the practice of menu development takes place. 
Although we managed to build an excellent reputation with our outstanding food items, we always felt unfortunate not to offer you much for Dinner. So we secretly started to imagine how Dinner at Vascobelo would look like, and we simply couldn’t get the idea out of our heads; it would be a dream to take you out for dinner. After months of food tastings, we are now ready to present to you what will soon become your new favourite place to go out for dinner. 
When developing our new menu, our primary goal was to offer you dinner items that would blend with the flavours and style you associate Vascobelo with—classic, hearty and without pretension. A glimpse of our menu includes Vascobelo Short rib, Seabass fillet, or Traditional Risotto. We cannot wait to see you light up with the delicious food you will savour and incredible wines. We have also added several new sides, such as Mashed Potatoes or Grilled Vegetables, to please children and parents alike. Impressed? So are we, but of course, we are biased!
Aside from the food, we were also very much invested in providing you with a great atmosphere as we recognise how food is experienced has everything to do with the decor. We thus reimagined our Café-Brasserie layout to make it feel even more intimate, just as if you were in somebody’s home. With an island-open kitchen visible from every point in the room, you can watch our talented chefs prepare your meals, which will give you a sensory experience like no other. Notably, we put particular care to our table setting with carefully selected silverware and glassware, napkins and plates to put you at ease in a warm, cosy and feel-at-home environment. Lastly, we also updated our music playlists to heighten your experience because good music can only enhance your meal. We are proud to offer you more than a restaurant, but a theatre, a beautiful venue, and a fantastic socialising place, whilst serving you sumptuous meals.
Beyond all the things we had to give up since the pandemic started, spending time together was the most significant sacrifice. And more precisely, eating out at restaurants with people we love. Now that things are progressively returning to normal, there is a lot of good to look forward to, especially as we come back to the dinner table. And Vascobelo is ready to conquer your excitement by taking your supper to the next level. 
At Vascobelo, we love to go out for Dinner because of the ritual, the excitement when you are at the entrance, and you know beforehand you will have a good time. We also love how eating out is an opportunity to socialise and relax, even alone. Because when we sit around a table, we taste and speak. Alone or with a company, we interact with the waiters and blend with those around us. 
Again, Vascobelo is a place ‘Where Friends Meet’, so our mission is to bring people together to create a moment to remember. We love when you spend time with your beloved ones, and we adore being part of your life’s greatest memories.
Because Dinner is simply better when we eat together, come on in and live the Vascobelo experience with friends family, or treat yourself to a moment of peace.


NB: Although we cannot wait to serve dinner at all Café-Brasserie, we will start with two before expanding to all locations. Make your reservations now at Vascobelo Aalsmeerweg and Vascobelo NoMa House