At Vascobelo, we continuously provide you with what we believe is the best coffee in the world. Aside from choosing high-quality coffee and machines, we also put deep care into the baristas we hire and train. Therefore, their passion for coffee results in cups that are always made with love. We proudly introduce you to Jesse Fook, Vascobelo’s manager at location Scheltema and Dutch Latte Art Champion!

BIG NEWS: We proudly announce that Jesse finished #1 in the Dutch Latte Art Championship! Consequently, he will participate in the World Championship and honour Holland and Vascobelo.



Each year, more than 60 countries have their best baristas compete on their skills, accuracy and ability to perform under high pressure for the chance to represent their country on the world stage. This year, the Netherlands - and Vascobelo - got themselves a champion. Our beloved and talented colleague Jesse Fook joined the Dutch Championship in Latte Art earlier in March. Ready to impress the jury and the public, he chose the theme 'South Africa' and performed the following designs, thanks to which he was qualified for the finals this Thursday, March 31st. 





Whether they like theirs with milk or not, every coffee lover can understand the joy and excitement of being served a cup of coffee with some fascinating latte art design. And in every Vascobelo location, there are always individuals who make your coffee an actual achievement: not unique in flavour but visually outstanding. 

After years of experience, Jesse surely knows how to create unique patterns that are today recognised worldwide  Words cannot describe how proud we are to count the Netherland's best barista as part of the Vascobelo family. So, if you are lucky enough to cross his path at the Rokin, you may find yourself with a rabbit, fairytale characters like a unicorn, or even a woman meditating drawn on your coffee. 


At Vascobelo, we pride ourselves on offering only the best. From award-winning beverages to succulent meals and incredibly talented staff and a memorable experience. Visit Vascobelo Scheltema (Rokin, Amsterdam), and you will be served the best coffee from the best barista.

Are you interested in becoming a barista and would like to work alongside the Dutch Latte Art Champion? Become Jesse's colleague by applying now!