“How likely is it that you would recommend Vascobelo to a friend or colleague?”. As silly as this question sounds, its impact on our business is way more significant than you think. Nowadays, customers can quickly share -positive or negative- recommendations with their entire network in a matter of seconds. Accordingly, collecting customer feedback has never been so easy. While it has considerably helped us prevent bad customer experiences, it has also allowed us to make guests so happy that they would recommend us to their friends and family. This is where the NPS, aka Net Promoter Score, comes in. 


NPS is a metric designed to evaluate customers’ loyalty toward a company, with results ranging from -100 to 100. To measure it, we ask our guests to give us a rating on a scale from 0 to 10 on how likely they would recommend Vascobelo to others. Effective and simple. Based on the principle that every customer can be divided into three categories, respondents are classified as follows:

  • Detractors (score 0-6): these are unhappy customers who can damage the brand, spread their negative experiences with others and discourage them from trying us out
  • Passives (score 7 or 8): these are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are not actively making recommendations but won’t criticise us either 
  • Promoters (score 9 or 10): everybody’s favourites. They are loyal enthusiasts who keep returning. are very happy and will most likely refer us to others

Simply put, NPS is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors (% of Promoters – % of Detractors = Net Promoter Score). For example, if 20% of respondents are detractors, 20% are passives, and 70% are promoters, your NPS score would be 70-20 = 50. And to give you some context, the average score across all companies is +43.

Continuously surveying our customers and understanding how they talk about Vascobelo to their friends and family helps us identify risks and opportunities. Above all, it enables us to improve our service and offerings even more. 


Our customers are our priority and we, at Vascobelo, are always working hard to provide excellent service alongside serving award-winning products that competitors can’t match.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Vascobelo has achieved an NPS of 60, an incredible achievement for our business. And to get such a score, our fantastic team has been striving to provide an exemplary level of service. This is the result of our continuous investment in each of our employees, where we encourage everyone to grow individually while being supported by all colleagues. We see ourselves as a family, and our locations are places Where Friends Meet. Therefore, every time a team member interacted with a customer, it was and will continue to be an opportunity to diffuse the Vascobelo lifestyle. 

Customers who did leave comments also contributed to providing additional support for our strong NPS : 

The food was delicious, with lots of vegan options, and the wine was really good as well. I’ll definitely keep this place in mind whenever I want to spend some fun time with friends. Thank you so much for treating us like royalty; that’s what it felt like. Everyone should try this place out - Vascobelo Enric Granados 
My husband and I come every day. Partly for the amazing coffee but definitely for the great people who work here. They are always interested in how we are, super welcoming and going a great job. Amazing ream and defiantly a place worth visiting - Vascobelo Stadionplein
Very few places get a flat white right, and this is one of them. Great staff and the perfect place for a coffee croissant or a nice salad. - Vascobelo Lijnbaan

And you, how likely are you to recommend Vascobelo to a friend or colleague?