Le Roi ESE Pods 150 pcs

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Although its name suggests similarities with Le Roi beans, Le Roi pods have quite different taste. Due to its South American origins, this coffee has a perfectly balanced body. The sweet aroma derives from the chocolate and nutty notes that characterize this blend. It is a mild coffee with a pleasantly light and slightly bitter aftertaste. This coffee is perfectly suitable for those who prefer a more delicate and gentle lungo over a more intense espresso.

As not all of us possess state-of-the-art espresso machinery, but all do enjoy a great cup of coffee, we developed two blends that ensure high quality for both espresso and lungo loving coffee drinkers. Next to this Le Roi, we sell our Le Duc, which is more suited for the espresso fanatic.

Our pods are made of special filter paper that reduces residues such as waxes and oils and impurities and traps waterborne bacteria. The result is a more healthy coffee, which is also environmentally friendly. Each pod is then packed individually to keep the aroma where it belongs: inside.

  • Country of origin: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia (Sidamo), Colombia
  • Coffee farm: Various, all Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Variety: Different varieties, all 100% Arabica
  • Height of cultivation: 1600 meters
  • Process: Wet preparation
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Coffee moment: Every moment of the day