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At Vascobelo, we use coffee beans of the highest quality, carefully handpicked above 1200 meters and roasted in Belgium’s most exquisite artisan roasting houses. Our Vascobelo Le Roi, L’Empereur, Le Comte and Le Chevalier blends will provide you with an experience that goes beyond the cup. Besides its obvious awakening power, we believe coffee is more than a beverage. For this reason, Vascobelo has created for you high-quality and sustainable coffee with a great look, smell and aroma to accompany you on a daily basis.  Coffee beans, ground, ESE pods or Compostable V-cups, there is one for every taste. 


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€ 7,50

Le Chevalier

1 kilogram
€ 26,50

Le Comte

€ 6,65

Le Roi

€ 7,50